Social Responsibility & Sustainability

Looking Ahead and Taking Responsibility. For the Environment and for the People.

As a family business, it goes without saying that we make long-term decisions that enable healthy and sustainable growth in every aspect. In doing so, we not only have our own employees in mind, but also our customers, their patients, and society in general. The sustainable use of economic, ecological, and social resources is a decisive factor when dealing with the topic of sustainability.

Particularly in medical technology, manufacturers must enact sustainable practices in order to shape the future into a more viable solution, to secure the treatment of patients in the long term and to optimise hospital processes.

We are aware of this great responsibility and have been working together with practitioners on the development and improvement of medical devices since our foundation. Our actions are in line with our vision “Trust Tradition. Experience Innovation“. We strive to stay one step ahead with our new technologies with sustainability in mind. In this way, we create a better future.