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  • Production worker
  • Shipping employee

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Your tasks:

  • Pre-assembly, assembly, and mechanical processing of sub-products/products/assemblies according to bill of materials
  • Inspection using microscope or camera system
  • Operation of processing, printing, and packaging equipment
  • Assembly, bonding, curing, and inspection of medical products
  • Examination of documents based on currently applicable medical standards
  • Compliance with applicable hygiene regulations
  • Performing routine inspections (visual and functional checks)
  • Documentation using process data sheets
  • Visual inspection and packaging of medical products from the main areas of regional anesthesia, biopsy, and minimally invasive surgery
  • Storage and retrieval of medical products
  • Picking, packing, and shipping customer items with accompanying shipping documents
  • Printing of order labels

Your profile:
  • Completion of secondary school
  • Manual dexterity
  • Thorough and independent work approach
  • Quality awareness, reliability, and ability to work in a team

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Note: Shift work in production jobs